In manual mode, you must produce an SRM receipt for each group that has prepaid. One receipt per group is valid and greatly reduces management.

First, your checkout must have a button to record pre-sales to produce an SRM receipt. This is a button to identify the type of payment. Your checkout probably already has a Cash, Credit, Debit button ... You must add one for "Presales" or Stripe or Tixigo, regardless of its name, but it must allow you to separate the pre-sales entries from those of regular sales . With this distinction, your accountant will be able to balance the taxes that Tixigo includes in the Sales Summary report of those registered with the "Presales" button in your checkout.

Anything that is listed at the pre-sales level in your checkout is only used to produce a receipt for SRM and not for the remittance of taxes. Tixigo's Sales Summary report is used to remit taxes on all pre-sales (Stripe and other types of prepayments you offer). It's the notion of presale that is important here, and not just the ones made with Stripe (although for the majority of you, Stripe will be the main type of prepayment or the only one).

It is also important to realize that the ticketing fee is a taxable income that you collect from your customers, and normally corresponds to an equivalent fee retained by Tixigo for its service (an expense). Thus, the receipt that the customer receives from Tixigo for his transaction includes the ticketing fee, taxes and gratuity if it is included. But the receipt MEV that you will give to this customer will contain only the expenses of meals and ticketing expenses (or not, according to your preference) because they are not a subject to the SRM, the tip mandatory, because they're taxable. Your checkout will calculate the taxes on the total, but Tixigo calculates the taxes ticket per ticket so that the total bill will not skew due to the rounding. It is also possible that you made mistakes in the production of MRV receipts for presales (forgot to produce, duplicate production, simple mistake in entering amounts or customers who do not show up, but have prepaid).

Hence the importance of using the Tixigo Sales Summary report for a period of time and attaching it to your checkout's sales summary for the same period, but excluding all sales assigned to the prepayment button because amounts are not for accounting, but specific enough for SRM and audit. It is important to remember the objectives of the SRM, which are to eliminate fraud and to compare the SRM reports with the industry to detect anomalies that could trigger an audit. The SRM reports do not serve to balance with your tax returns (monthly, quarterly or annual).

It is for these reasons that the management of the presales in the SRM is only intended to produce an official SRM receipt for the customer and the inspectors, and is not used for the remittance of taxes. Hence the importance of using Tixigo's report for tax remittance and not what your checkout calculates. Your checkout continues to manage the remittance of taxes for anything that is NOT treated as a presale.

Produce the MEV receipts

The term "group" refers to a group in the sense of payment sharing. It also refers to an individual in charge who paid for a group of people.

The amounts to enter in your checkout at reception time is done from the page MaitreD / Reception. To the right of each group is a grocery cart that displays the total of the various categories of tickets purchased in the group and the price before any included costs (taxes and tips if applicable) - if your prices include taxes, the distinction is important. Simply enter the amount of tickets and the unit amount in your checkout and, depending on your preference, enter the ticketing fee (also before taxes if applicable). If the tip is taxable, it should also be included. Your checkout will calculate the taxes, but they will not exactly balance out with those calculated by Tixigo (it calculates per ticket and not on the amount, so there will be a few cents difference).

The advantage of entering everything in the cash register is to check if the total in the cash balance is within a few cents of the amount displayed. It could reduce typing errors ...

Once the receipt has been printed, you must check the receipt switch to see that it has been produced, and not to reproduce it again.

If you want to produce a receipt per purchase and not one per group, then you have to open a group with the gray folder icon on the  left. You will see all the orders of the members of the group, and everyone will have their receipt switch and basket. Note that the organizer's receipt switch (first in charge of a group, if not canceled) serves as the switch of the entire group. It is therefore preferable to produce the receipts of the other orders, and to finish with the organizer, which will indicate that the group is completely done when you conceal the detail of the group. If the organizer's order is canceled, the first in charge of the group will not necessarily be the organizer's and it will not be displayed. In this case, use the group switch to mark that all group controls have been produced. It is recommended to produce a single receipt per group to speed up the entry of people and your operations.

Note: If you have a TixiMEV registered to your merchant account, the manual receipts management mode is still available, but you will not be able to access the receipts per member of a group. Contact us if you want to remove TixiMEVs registered to your account and find access to detailed receipts by member of a group.